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Hi Phil, Thank you very much for the invoice it looks good and thank you for yesterday’s session, it was really interesting and I feel some improvements already. I will be in touch if there are any more questions or I will feel something else might need to be assisted with magic of NLP. Talk soon – Cheers Inna.

Inna, ACT
Steve, NSW

Hi Phil, I just wanted to thank you for spending the time with me. After the sessions I was able to spell Psychology forwards again and backwards for the first time in my life. After suffering a stroke my memory and skills are not as good as they use to be. I found the whole hypnotherapy and NLP experience really helpful and the spelling strategy will help me to continue to improve my memory of words that I now struggle to spell… Such a relief to know there is help when needed. Thank you – Shirley.

Shirley, ACT

I’ve used Spell- Pro with students and it’s amazing – I had an 8 yr old that had problems with spelling – within 20 mins he was spelling HAPPINESS MOTORBIKE and SUCCESS forwards and backwards – his carer was crying with joy!!! It’s a great tool and everyone with a child should get one for Christmas.

Sharon, NSW