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Welcome to Spell-Pro

Do you know anyone who has difficulties in reading and writing?

Would you like to help them improve their ability to read and right easily and quickly?

Spell-Pro is a repeatable technique that uses a tool to teach children and adults with learning difficulties to spell even the hardest words. This technique can be used to assist stroke victims to improve memory recall and to retain information.

With the use of colours, this technique taps into a persons visual memory to enhance their mental picture of the sequence of letters. Sequential memory of the order of letters in the words are important for reading and spelling.

Check out what we have available to help you spell like a PRO!

Simpson your Spell-Pro Buddy can be used to support children, adults and stroke victims to see the fun side of spelling and learning.

$9.00 GST Inc

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The Spell-Pro solution is a product that allows the user to create positive interactions with the participants as well as for anyone running a business that gives you a way to look and be professional when working with participants.

$129 GST Inc

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Spell-Pro Professional package provides you all the key products as well as a mentoring session to help you Spell like a Pro quickly and effectively.
Spell-Pro system
Simpson Your Spelling Buddy
Instructor lead session online.

$597 GST Inc

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Explore! You will love it.

“Don’t underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary.”

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